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    kimber tac pro 2 shoots high

    hello again i have a tac pro 2 in 9mm 4inch barrel, anyway at 50 ft it shoots about 8 inch high it has the fixed tricon night sights and i was wondering are there different sights i can use? will any 1911 sights work can i put in adjustable sights? what do you recommend. thanks Pat

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    I would recommend that you aim 8" lower. haha

    Actually I have the same gun and it shoots very close to point of aim. I doubt that your sights are that far off. I would guess that you are probably pushing the pistol down anticipating recoil.

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    Also make sure you are employing the correct sight picture with all 3 dots in line and the sight tops in a line as well.

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    What brand and weight rounds are you using? Light rounds, like 180 grains, will shoot high because they are traveling faster out of the barrel. If you are aiming a little high in addition, you will have a very high pattern.

    Have you fired the pistol from a rest to see just where the rounds group?
    Also, ask someone else to shoot the pistol and see where their rounds group.

    As Dsig1 indicates, just a little lift on the front site can push the rounds high too. Please let us know what you find out. Good luck!

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