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    Question New Pro Carry HD

    Hi Guys,

    Hope some of you experts out there can help me with a possible problem with my new pistol. I just bought a new Pro Carry HD II and shot about 90rds through it the next day. I had a few "failure to go to battery" jams, but I figure this is part of the break in. However, on two occations I had a problem that I've never seen before. On the second round on two different magazines I couldn't get the trigger to pull as if the safety was on. Have any of you guys had a similar problem? It's never happened to me before on any gun. It wouldn't work until I took out the magazine and put it back in. Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    shoot about 500 rounds, it should go away

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    Kimber's have such tight tolerance's that a good break in period is requirde sometimes to get things moving and broke in well enough I have the Kimber Eclipse Pro II and so far with 250-300 rounds so far so good

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    I hope you broke it down and cleaned it well before your first session. Kimbers come with a lot of lubricating gunk in them. Some times this stuff can get into places and cause malfunctions. Clean it out really well and use a light spraying of Rem Oil on the rails and moving parts once all of the gunk is gone. When racked, my Kimbers sound like a zipper being worked rather than like the metal ion metal of a gun racking on its loose slide.

    If you have cleaned it or do so and still have the problems, run another 200 rounds down the pipe.

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    After 500 rounds of FMJ, and then 500 rounds of hollowpoints, to test for function, and break it in... when you're still having issues, just trade it for a modern gun... LOL

    Just throwing salt...

    XD/M&P Owner


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