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    Break-in Period

    I actually had a problem with the firing pin on my Eclipse Pro II before the break-in period was over. As I said in another post, I sent it to Kimber and they fixed it quickly. Now, since Kimber did some gratis work that changed the pistol somewhat, I have started the break-in period over. So far I have not had a failure to feed with the pistol. I have shot 200 rounds through it so far. After I finish the 500 I need to put about 200 more of my desired hollow point rounds through it.

    I feel confident in it now, but I guess any pistol so tightly constructed should get a workout before one relies on it. Has anyone else had problems with a Kimber during the break-in period? Any consistent failures to feed or other problems?

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    All 1911's I have had anything to do with were a little snug at frist. After a few hundred rounds it should be good to go. Good luck with it.

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    Ask Old Padawan about his Kimber "break in."
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