Critical Kentucky Self-Defense Bill Needs Immediate Action!

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      Critical Kentucky Self-Defense Bill Needs Immediate Action!

      Critical Kentucky Self-Defense Bill Needs Immediate Action!

      Friday, February 22, 2008

      House Bill 114, sponsored by State Representative Robert Damron (D-39), is currently stuck in the House Judiciary Committee, even though 63 legislators have signed on as co-sponsors.

      HB114 requires that universities, colleges, and postsecondary institutions comply with current law allowing law-abiding citizens to keep firearms in their locked vehicles on university property. Don’t allow anti-gun legislators to obstruct your Second Amendment rights. It is important that the House Leadership hear from you.

      Please contact the House Judiciary Committee and request that HB114 be heard at the next House Judiciary Committee meeting on Wednesday, February 27.

      House Judiciary Committee

      State Representative Kathy W. Stein (D-75), Chair
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 675

      State Representative Darryl T. Owens (D-43), Vice Chair
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 685

      State Representative John Vincent (R-100), Vice Chair
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 703

      State Representative Bob Wilkey (D-22), Vice Chair
      (502) 564-7756

      State Representative Brent Yonts (D-15), Vice Chair
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 686

      State Representative Kevin D. Bratcher (R-29)
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 680

      State Representative Jesse Crenshaw (D-77)
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 620

      State Representative Joseph M. Fischer (R-68)
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 742

      State Representative Derrick Graham (D-57)
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 639

      State Representative Jeff Hoover (R-83)
      (502) 564-0521

      State Representative Stan Lee (R-45)
      (502) 564-4334

      State Representative Frank Rasche (D-3)
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 634

      State Representative Steven Rudy (R-1)
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 637

      State Representative Arnold Simpson (D-65)
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 695

      State Representative Robin L. Webb (D-96)
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 684

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      This never got a vote thanks to
      State Representative Kathy W. Stein (D-75), Chair
      (502) 564-8100 Ext. 675

      Stay Safe,


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      She's a real piece of work. I emailed her about the last...Wait, I just looked it up in my sent emails, and I emailed her about this bill back on March 5th. I go to school in KY (NKU), and being the SCCC leader there, I emailed her about this. Didn't get so much as a response...

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