New P3AT owner with short range report

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      New P3AT owner with short range report

      Hello all,

      Went to the Houston gun show yesterday, walked by a dealer's table that had about six KT's. I heard a tiny little cry - "Phil, please buy me!". I looked down and saw a piteous sight - a dull blue w/black frame P3AT (the none-too-pretty version). Evidently the hard chrome and colored versions were selling rapidly, but the ugly ones were not. I did the only proper thing a shooting enthusiast can do, and decided to take her (might be a him - I didn't look underneath...) home.

      I did not do the full Fluff & Buff. I just field-stripped it, polished the ramp with a Dremel, then cleaned and lubed with grease on the rails and slide/hammer interface, and oil on everything else. Disassembly was easy once I figured out how to pull the takedown pin. I had previously read about the small part that will usually fall out once you turn the frame over, and sure enough it did. Easy to put back in though, as it only goes in one way. Assembly was very straightforward and quite easy.

      I am extremely happy at the results earlier this evening. I put 30 rounds each of regular Blazer, Blazer Brass, and WWB (all FMJ) through it without a single malfunction of any type. Even my limp-wristing wife had no problems, though she did remark at how snappy it is. I found it to be fairly comfortable to shoot, and it was less snappy than what I had originally estimated it to be. The empties were ejected quite far, with none of them hitting me or the S/O.

      I did not shoot for accuracy as I was just trying to break it in, but it seemed to shoot slightly high at about eight yards. I shot many clips as fast as I could, again without any problems. The trigger pull is very long but not extremely hard, and I think it's fine given the pistols intended purpose.

      Needless to say, I'm very happy and even a little bit surprised at how well it functioned. Can't do much better than 100%. I haven't taken it apart, so I can't tell you what the 90 rounds did to the inside, but I will of course post if anyting unusual is seen when I get around to cleaning it tomorrow. If I can run another two full boxes through it with as good a result, I might just put it into the carry rotation....


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      I've got over 300 rounds through mine.

      I had 4 FTF's in the first 50 rounds, and caused the frame to bulge on my third round of cleaning.

      A smith put things back the way they are supposed to be, and she keeps on going.

      I can hide it in a lot of places my 1911 won't go, and I'm not always hitiching up my pants when I carry it on a belt holster.

      I Love it.

      I'm sure you'll love yours, too.

      Don't look too hard for the gender, we'll have to turn you in for abuse.

      Never argue with drunks or crazy people.

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      Same thing happen to me. Here's my little ugly pup.

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      Gender is not important in Kel-Tecs. You did the right thing...when you hear that pleading, any kind person would heed the cry. I did like you - minor f&b on the feed ramp and it's a trooper now.

      Here's mine with it's big brother:

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      I bought one about a year or so ago. I have probably put several hundred rounds through it by now. I was just down at my (home) range last night trying out some different types of ammo into a 2x6 for the heck of it. I know that's not exactly ballistic testing but like I said, for the heck of it.
      .380 Kurtz did not go through. The hollow point didn't either. cci did and A-Merc 'American Amunition' (that's what it's called) went through. Not very scientific. My range is next to a creek and it was to dang'd hot and humid to do much shooting. The poor thing was sweating like a pig, so, I had to bring it back to AC.

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      Oh..I forgot. Mine has the OD (olive drab) colored frame. Not pretty, but I love mine too.

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