A happy P-11 owner
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    A happy P-11 owner

    Living in rural California the used Kel-Tec pistols you see for sale are almost zero. So when I saw a P-11 I bought it right away. It's older (s.n. 02xxx) and had the 10# spring which was wearing my index finger out and putting my shots all over the paper (when I hit the paper that is).

    I heard about the factory spring replacement on ktog.org one day and soon installed the free 8.5# spring (w/hammer attached) sent from the factory. This was a substantial improvement.

    About 3 weeks ago I read that Two Pistol Packer (on ktog) had further spring conversion parts available for sale so I was soon modifying and swapping out parts again. This accomplished two things:

    1. Trigger pull is now about 4# and the heavy stacking I was
    getting used to is all but gone.
    2. The firing pin is now shortened and lightened and with a
    lighter spring safety is improved by creating an inertial
    firing pin system which improves drop safety.

    I suppose I need to add a disclaimer about here to let everyone reading this that I am not suggesting others do as I do but am only giving an account of my experiences.

    Incidentally my groups have shrunk to about 1/2 their original size. So far I've only shot PMC and Independence ammo but will soon be trying some DPX as I understand these have some of the "hardest" primers commonly available.

    I'm happy.

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    Well I think that's all that counts is that your happy with your pistol. I have the KT-3AT and I found that a good frim grip is a must. Once I started to hold it right my shots go where I want them. I don't know how much the trigger pull is but it is stout. Good luck with yours.

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