longevity od p32?
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    longevity od p32?

    I have a 2nd generation p32. How many rounds is this gun good for before needing replacement parts?

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    I would say they should last a long time if you don't try to make a range gun out of one. Firing a couple hundred rounds through it evey time you go to the range. I shot a couple of boxes through mine to get to know it and break it in. Now I just shoot a couple of mags through it about every other time I go to the range. After all these guns were made with the idea of up close and personal. They are a great back up gun. I think they will last many years.

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    I have a P32 and a P3AT. Had the 32 for a few years, the 380 for a year or so. Like Baldy, I tested both for reliability with a bunch of ammo, then backed off a bit. I shoot half a box of ammo at each range trip (once a week back home). No problems with either one.

    Anyway, they are easily-replaceable $250 guns. If one of mine breaks, I'll just get a new one.
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    I think kel-tec said they were good for about 5000 rounds, but the gun has a lifetime warranty for the original owner.

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