Report on New P3AT
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    Report on New P3AT

    I got the gun for my birthday and took it to the range Friday. While I wouldn't call it a pleasure to shoot, it was manageable and pretty accurate at 15'.

    I put 50 rounds through it and that was plenty for a first effort. I had one FTE - it looked like the casing didn't clear the ejection port before the returning slide trapped it in the chamber. I had to drop the mag and hold the slide part way back to get the spent case out. Otherwise there were no problems.

    At 12' rapid fire, point shooting I kept them all in the torso (of the small torso targets they have at the NRA HQ range.

    After 50 rounds I don't see any signs of peening or other bad things some folks have experienced. At this point I think I've got a keeper. It's been in my pocket all day in a Nemisis pocket holster.

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    Well Congrats on your new pistol there Mr.Flashman70. They are a little bear but it sounds like your doing a fine job with it. I shoot mine every tme I go to the range. I shoot about 20rds just to stay tuned up with it. I also been using my off hand. Good luck.

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    Happy Birthday!

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