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    PLR is still a pistol

    I posted the majority of this post at the K-T range, but thought it might be good here as well here since there hasn't been much about the "big" Kel-Tec pistol here.

    I find it interesting reading the posts about the PLR on some of the K-T forums, especially concerning it's performance. So many people want to debate the relative advantages of one bullet over another when they are talking about the PLR and others are really concerned about the few hundred FPS drop in velocity from the short barrel. Sometimes I think we forget that the PLR is still a PISTOL and has the same limitations as other pistols. It is designed for use at relatively close ranges - despite PLR meang "Pistol Long Range - and aside from a few hunting pistols designed for rifle bullets (like TC Contenders), is not meant to replace a rifle. What it DOES do is give you a self defense weapon with the power of a rifle cartridge in a relatively light weight, compact package. Even with the barrel limitations placed on the round, the .223 rifle cartridge has more effective stopping power than most big caliber "pistol" rounds and you have the advantage of hi cap mags of 30 rounds or more. What I'd really like is a PLR in 7.62x39 or the new 6.8 SPC round. That would be HOT!!

    My PLR is my home defense/SHTF gun of choice. It's even my avatar here at HGF. If I need a longer range weapon (shots at 100 ft or beyond) I'll break out my AR or AK. For most other purposes however, the PLR would be my weapon of choice except as a concealed carry gun.

    What are other owners/users thoughts on the subject?
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    Thumbs up PLR is truely a Pistol

    I too own a PLR-16 and I agree with your assessment, Although at the range it provides good performance at 100 yds using the shoulder belt to steady the Pistol.
    And the PLR is a good gun to use varmint hunting where you need a weapon thats easy to carry and lightweight.
    I also use mine for scaring the Hell out of people, LOL
    It is an awesome weapon and I am Happy I got it way before the Election.
    AS to the .223, I shot a boat load of them in Nam and I don't have a problem with it's performance AT ALL, I also own an AK-47 and enjoy shooting it TOO!

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