A couple questions
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    A couple questions

    I just ordered a P3AT as an early Christmas gift to myself today and should have it Monday or Tuesday. What type(s) of ammo does this little guy like to eat and what are some that cause problems? Also, can anyone recommend a good front pocket holster?
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    I would reccommened that you go to the Kel-Tec owners group. Very friendly and helpful. KTOG.org. Enjoy the new gun.

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    Galco has one, and soes does Uncle Mikes. The Galco one is stuff, and the Uncle Mike's is a soft, cloth one. I like them both. The Uncle Mike's will go softer on the finish, though.

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    I got the K/T-3AT myself and it is a fine mouse gun. I shoot Winchester White box in mine for some good range ammo. I load Magtech Guardian Gold every other one for carry. If I load straight Mag Gold it will hang on the second mag everytime. I guess it just gets to hot to quick. It doesn't hang if I stay with WWB. Lube it before you go to the range the first time and clean it good when you get it home. I sure like mine. Good luck.

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    I really like my P3AT. It pretty much lives in my front pocket, in a Galco (naturally) Pocket Protector. Mine works well with WWB ball for practice and Gold Dots for defense. I don't think I've tried it with anything else. It has never malfunctioned with either, and I probably shoot it more often than most people shoot their pocket guns (about 200 rounds a month).

    I've accessorized mine with the Kel-Tec belt clip, so I can carry it clipped to my running shorts, and a trimmed-down Hogue HandAll Jr. so I can actually hold the little thing.
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    Mine is loaded with S&B ball for practice and for carry Theirs only one choice Thats the Corbon DPX round this copper bullet out performs all regular HP . 2 choice is Corbon 90grHP These are about the hottiest 380 ammo going. I can rapid fire and never miss a beat. I have never had a Ket tec get hot and not work In fact I have never heard of it till here. I have 3 spare mags for my P-32 and I can fire Corbon as fast as I can change mags . Get a might hot yes Jam no. I think I would change mags or have KT look at it.

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