Breaking in the Kel-tec PF-9 - Get this gun!!!

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      Breaking in the Kel-tec PF-9 - Get this gun!!!

      Took my PF-9 (tan-tan) to the range today to break that sucker in... 100 rounds only (I purchase some 50x .40 s&w and 150x 9mm) because it was so cold and this sucker kicks so after that my brother and I were done.

      Lemme first say that I have some sins to repent for I have always considered the Kel-tec to be junkers, though I was speaking with no experience but the research I had done prior to that suggested the possibility. I was worried I was going to have issues today but was very excited to try it.

      Today the pistol ran perfect. I did clean it and polish the feed ramp before we went out.

      Now I say the pistol ran perfect but we did have a few problems at the range, they were definitely user related. I can now see why people say the kel-tec jams but I now see that alot of people say it does as to avoid bruising their ego. I'm not afraid to say I made a few mistakes while getting used to the gun.

      The PF-9 is a very small gun, during one of my firings, the magazine ejected cause I didn't watch my finger. This is one of the things that people say happens all the time, but its definitely user error. It never happened again after I watched for it (should have learned my lesson from also having this happen on my BG380)

      3 FTF occurred with my brother and I (1 and 2 each). It was freezing at the range, and mine were definitely limp wrists. My brother's though were not, the magazine had the 9mm rounds abit crooked, so the one mag just needs breaking in. I will say that the positive of these were that the FTF we had took a millisecond fix so in a self-defense situation it wouldn't have even been a problem, simply racked the slide and we were back in the game.

      So really, I would say the gun performed perfectly, 3/100 jams almost all attributed to user error, thats pretty good for a $270.00 pistol... If you don't have a kel-tec in your collection, its a great gun. It can fill multiple roles as a new ccw piece, a new BUG, a new SHTF weapon, and more... I wish I would have known about Kel-tec sooner, my brother is now going to purchase one after the luck we had with my PF-9, and I'm going to be trying to get my broke friends to get these, they are fantastic.

      My impressions from the gun as you can tell by this point are it is fantastic, fits my hand perfectly, the recoil is crazy but not that bad, we were both pretty accurate with it as well. I will say getting used to it is important, the trigger and the short barrel. I'm really happy with this gun. I have the tan-frame tan-slide version and its also sweet looking.

      I'm going to CC this gun at 100 rounds, but I plan on shooting more very soon this weekend. Some say you need 250, and its ideal I agree, but I carry a backup gun anyways so I can CC this gun with confidence.

      With all the gun-control scares going on lately, if you don't got enough cash to get an AR-15 or an expensive new handgun, this isn't almost just as good. It is just as good if not better (value wise especially)...

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      Well, Jake, I don't want to say "I told you so," but...

      I'm glad that you're pleased.
      Get a couple of extra magazines, and find out if the problem you experienced is limited to that one. If it is, return it to Kel-Tec for another.
      You probably need to own four working magazines for each pistol.

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