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    new P3AT

    I bought a 380 today wanted to see difference between my P-32 and the 380.
    As all of the KT Ive bought oil it up and fired a way.
    Used S&B ball I couldn't belive recoil about same as my PPK/S only nothing to hold onto. I was all over target.
    I can keep about 4" group with the 32 this like shotgun at 7 yds,
    I going to try and improve by painting F/ sight.and 13lb recoil spring I really at this time say I perfer the 32 quicker follow up and 1 more round . I fired 6 rounds of Win 95 gr HP like ball worked fine.
    I will give pistol a chance and will shoot more. But with current heat wave not much fun outside.
    Ive ordered a bunch of DPX to check out in my 380's will try some in KT also. As stands now My 2, P-32's win the match.

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    Keep posting your impressions on it. I was leaning toward the 380 over the 32 but now you've got me wondering.

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