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    Just got a new PF9.

    I just got a new Kel-Tec PF9 Monday. I got to shoot it some Wednesday. I ran 4 different types of ammo thru it without a hitch; great little gun! I am very pleased with it so far. It is the smallest pistol I own (at this time) and makes a very good CCW for me. I'm looking forward to reading more tips & tricks from the rest of you Kel-Tec owners. I just joined the forum today.

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    Congratulations, very nice.

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    Having your hand already on such a pc, in your front pants pocket holster, will make your ccw draw faster than that of the fastest man alive who is using a ccw belt rig, with much less chance of a fumble or a snag, too. Remember, having your hand in your pocket arouses no interest, but pulling out a gun a second "too soon", can result in a "brandishing' charge and the loss of your ccw permit. Drawing a second too late can easily mean that you end up eating your own gun, too. So the pocket 9mm and a proper pocket holster are a godsend. The 380 has only 1/2 of the power of a proper 9mm load. check out the 1300 fps, ( inthe 3" barreled Kt) CorBaon 100 gr Powrball ammo. That is about 380 ft lbs, friends. Not bad in such a lw, small package, eh?

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