First time out with the PF-9

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      First time out with the PF-9

      WOW what a nice gun. Didn't have the KICK that I thought it would. Don't get me wrong it kicks but not as bad as some make it sounds. No problems at all. Shot 4 clips through it and the gun did what it was supposed to do. I made the mistake of hitting the mag button one time and after that it was all good. Here is a pic of one of the targets. All were close to the same as this pic. My buddy shot his Glock 23 with me and we both grouped our shots pretty much the same.

      GREAT little gun Kel-Tec. Can't wait to carry it on me all the time

      This was from 10 yards with Lawman 115gr

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      Nice! Glad you like it.

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      Nice!!!!! have you ever shot the P-11? wondering if the kick is the same or close to it....I shot my bro-in-law's P-11. it had a nice little kick and dominated the palm of my hand, but then again it isn't a targetting pistol. its a SHTF pistol.

      I'm still debating on one of these, Taurus 709 Slim or the LCR revolver... I know the 709 Slim definitely feels more comfortable than the PF-9 though.....

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