Who has'nt done this?

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      Who has'nt done this?

      Hi everyone, Im the proud owner of a new PF 9 that I have searched and searched to find lol. I have been looking through old threads and realize that dry firing this particular gun is a big no no. Before I read this I dry fired it twice (because I wanted to decock it). Im hoping that those two times did'nt hurt anything? My question is, is there anyone who has not dry fired their PF 9 at least once? I would think everyone would have to have dry fired theirs least once, or maybe Im just a nut.

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      You'll be hard pressed to find anyone that hasn't dry fired period. At one time or another most do it. For most weapons it's not a real big deal but a snap cap is way too inexpensive to not have a couple laying around. If all insurance was so cheap eh?

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      i had to dry fire my P-11 after each stage of IDPA. I was not happy about this and argued with some, but ce la ve. No harm yet, but i try to follow the KEL_TEC manufactures instructions anduse snap caps. Now granted the p-11 is the older action, but the p-3at and pf-9 say the same thing. There is no real reason to realese the trigger on them though

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      Kel-Tec requires you to use snap-caps for dry-fire practice.
      This is because, in all Kel-Tec pistols, the firing pin is retained by the same screw that secures the extractor spring. Every time you dry-fire your Kel-Tec pistol without a snap-cap, the firing pin slams into the extractor-spring screw. Soon you will have battered the screw so badly that it will be very difficult (maybe even impossible) to remove, and will have to be replaced.
      A couple of "clicks" won't hurt anything, but you need to do lots of dry-fire practice to become proficient (and safe) with your little pistol, so snap-caps are cheap insurance.

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      +1 DevilsJohnson

      I've done it I try not to, but I've done it

      Happily it hasn't ever hurt the guns I've done it to - I either do not do it now or I use snp caps - you can get them for most calibers now.

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