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    im in aggreeance with everyone else, one in the chamber

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    The Kel-Tec LONG trigger pull similar to a revolver means you keep one in the tube.

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    After reading some of the views on this subject. I prefer the thought of a loaded weapon over a rock any day!!!!

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    Short guns hot, long guns not.....

    Like one of the posters above said, make sure your holster covers the trigger, and run it in battery. (love that term!)

    I use a GURU wallet holster for mine and pocket carry. Never put anything else in that pocket.

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    I will not desparage one's choice of how to carry, and agree that many practice racking a slide, one handed, using the sights against a belt or pants pocket etc.

    The only point i would make here is.. the question was regarding the kelt-p3at. HOW would one use THOSE sights to rack the slide?? Sure, makes sense (if i chose to do so) with my cz-82, keltec p-11, 1911 etc.

    Just something more tho think on and make your own choice.

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    I read threads on this forum where posters argue that the trigger pull and the difficulty of racking the P3AT are too long/excessive and difficult respectively. This should tell you something about having a cartridge in the chamber and the chance that the gun will actually fire unexpectedly. Nothing is certain in this world but it would really take an inordinate and unbelievable set of circumstances to have a loaded P3AT actually go off while you are carrying; meanwhile, as others have said, you have an unloaded gun on your person, when fractions of a second, particularly with those of us who are not gun toting professionals, can mean a big difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd View Post
    When I carry my P3AT there is always one in the chamber. The trigger pull is more than adequate, IMO, to prevent a ND; even when I am just using the clip and have it attached to a pair of running shorts. I agree with your buddy that in most SD situations, you are not going to have time to chamber a round. If you carry a gun without a round in the chamber, you might as well just carry a rock and save yourself the licensing hassles.
    Quote Originally Posted by JackCrow View Post
    What Todd said.

    If you are going to carry it unchambered you might as well leave it at home. Most self defense situations happen very fast and up close.

    The P3AT is perfectly safe to carry in battery, just practice keeping your finger off the trigger during the draw (this applies no matter what type of firearm you're packing).
    Quote Originally Posted by nailer View Post
    Learn through experience. It was 3 AM. I was outside with my dog. I live in a remote area. I had my p3at in my pocket. Suddenly, my dog went crazy barking at a noise in the shadows. I reached for my gun and realized many of you were right. I didn't have one in the chamber. The gun was useless until I put down the dogs leash, and racked the slide in the dark. If I really needed the gun, I was in trouble. It took to long to do this. In the chamber from now on.
    all of these fine gentlemen have a good point! they saved me some typing haha

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