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    Is their a such thing as a plr-16 stock (preferably a folding stock) at all?! If you do know, can you tell me where I can find one?! I'm torn between a su-16 (the one that allows you to shoot while its folded) or a plr-16 (if i can find a stock for it). I like short handgun/rifles, but the su-16's barrel is too long to be a good handgun alternative and the PLR doesn't have a stock D: lol

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    The PLR16 is manufactured and sold as a handgun; you cannot legally put a stock on it unless it is re-registered with the Federal government and your state (in advance) as a restricted weapon (AOW or SBR?), assuming your state allows this at all.

    In any case, attaching a stock to a handgun without having all the legal paperwork done in advance is a felony.


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