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    kel-tec carbine

    Does anybody have any experience with the kel-tec .223 carbines? I would like to get one as a throw it in the truck gun. Any help would be appreciated. Send me a private message.

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    Haven't shot one, but I've held one... Good ergonomics, uses AR mags, CHEAP... I'd love to own one if I had a use for it...

    I'm a Kel-Tec fan, and carry my 3AT almost every day

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    They are reliable, compact, lightweight, and cheap. They have the same threaded barrel as the AR's for attachments, and as Jeff said, they use AR mags. They fold in half for storage, and one model can even be fired while folded. On most models the forestock converts to a rudimentary bipod. The SU 16 wont win any accuracy awards, but it does make a good truck gun.

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