I initially posted that I loved my PF9. Sure it wasn't too great at hitting point of aim, but blah blah blah.

Well on my third range trip I had failure after failure. Nose diving rounds were most prevalent. Still couldn't hit anything. And I know it wasn't me screwing up with the trigger. I had used up 2 packages of zoom snap caps practicing the trigger.

Plus, unlike what most say, I can not stick this is a pocket.

Sold it.

Bought a kahr PM40. the PM40 ended up only being slightly thicker. It is smaller in length and height, making it truly pocketable.

The 40 had less recoil then the pf9. I kid you not. at 10 yards at rapid fire I was within 3 inches. i couldn't get that with the pf9 taking all the time in the world.

I am not ripping on the gun. I just had originally said it was amazing. I take back my opinion.

Completely. the extra 350 in cash was money well spent in all regards.