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    Magazine rattle

    I have 2 P-11's and both have the same problem. It's not an operational problem, just an annoying one. On both of the guns, the cartridges rattle when the magazine is loaded. They still function fine, but the rattle drives me nuts. Is there anything I can do to stop this @#$%* rattle???????

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    Go to Wolff's and see if they have new mag springs for it. Get the 10% heavy duty ones. You should be good to go then.

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    My 10 rounders also rattle but they've never given me a problem. My newer 12 rounders don't rattle.

    I can pretty much eliminate the rattles in the 10 rounders by loading 5, then tapping them on my palm, and then loading the other 5. Works most of the time.

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