No longer as disgusted

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      No longer as disgusted

      Well, a while back I handled a P32 and its .380 counterpart and was thoroughly disgusted with them. I swore up and down, I would never get one, but for some reason ,they seem to keep calling me. I want to get one before it starts to get hot outside. However, I do not know which to get. I'm leaning more towards the P32 for some reason, maybe one extra round sounds better to me, and I like the slide hold open on last round. I'll probably carry it as a BUG too. What do you guys think? They cost the same, I don't know which to get, sway me one way or the other.

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      Nothing less than a .380 for a bug even. Just me.

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      I know some will dissagree but I prefer a ball bat over anything .380 or smaller.

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      get the 3at

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      80 gr DPX averages 1020 fps, expands, and penetrates well out of my p3at. Last SD pistol I would want to use in shoot out but maybe better than ball bat Better than anything I've seen in 32acp?

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      The only reason I can see to choose the .32 over the .380 is that the latter round kicks quite a bit harder in the little KelTec. If the snappy recoil bothers you enough that you won't practice with the .380, get the .32, which is a comparative popgun. Just remember two things:

      1. Recoil is closely related to power.
      2. The P3AT stops hurting when you stop shooting.
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      Like you said,it's gonna get hot. Outside of an extra round, I don't
      see why one would chose the .32. over the .380. Besides, if the time comes to pull that trigger,you wouldn't notice if it was a .38 or higher. Your knuckles will be white.
      The p3at .380 is better in my opinion. I've had mine a couple of yrs. now and love it.

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      I will throw my hat into the P3AT ring as well. The extra .32 round sounds good, but IMO if I can't do the job with seven .380 Corbons, I'm sure as heck not going to get the job done with eight .32's.

      I don't regard the slide lock of the .32 to be a deal-breaker. Even if it's locked back, you still have to rack the slide rearward to unlock it. Racking a fully closed slide doesn't take that much longer -- maybe two-tenths of a second?

      BTW, .380 ammo in not only more powerful, but is often cheaper than .32, and available in more loads.

      Of course you could get a Ruger LCP, and the entire conundrum would be moot.....


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