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    Plr-22 !!

    just found out today about this new 2008 product
    gotta have one
    I almost bought a 3AT last weekend but decided to wait till the next gun show in two weeks
    then I find out TODAY about this!!!!

    I used to have a ruger 10/22 with a folding stock and a 50 round clip
    sold it after a few years because it really didn't fit with what I wanted to do with it
    then last week I saw the new ruger 10/22 pistol but don't like that either
    THIS ONE however
    will accept the accessories of the plr16 and it will become what I have wanted for a long time

    does anybody have a problem of 27 round of stingers for home defense?
    or if I can find a bigger clip....

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    I posted a pic of it on my site a week or so ago. Looks interesting.

    Even with that size mag, I wouldn't rely on a 22 for home defense, though...

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