Just couldn't resist taking Kel-tec .380 apart. Moved heaven and hell to put it back together again. Total time to take apart completely for me was about 20 minutes. To put it back together took mobilisation of ARMARINs total technical staff. Saved me again!! How simple this Kel-Tec pistol is designed However

Quote from client=== Have a Kel-tec .380? can't get the pin in the side of it.
If I use a bfh I will break it, its plastic, the whole gun is plastic.
I hate this pistol ====

And my Kel-tec P32 is also a piece of crap. Bought it as a sample a few years ago, fired a few clips with no problem. Did conceal carry many times over the years. Thank God I didn't need to use it or I'd be dead. Finally took it to a firing range again - firing mechanism doesn't work, can't pull the trigger far enough to release the trigger to the critical point. Cleaned it thoroughly inside and out. Didn't help. It's a worthless firearm, and the seller is now out of business.

ARMARIN has had excellent luck with a lot of these Kel-Tec handguns, but I've seen far too many of these break with fairly light use. Several customers of mine have bought the P3AT as a carry gun, only to have it break on them after a few range trips. Some people have outstanding luck with Kel-Tec, but I've seen more than enough of them fail first hand to permanently turn me off to most of their designs.

Now Kel-Tec is rightly known for bringing high value, reliable auto pistols and the SU-16 series to the shooting public. They all have garnered a solid reputation for reliability and overall good accuracy.

The excellent P-3AT .380 pistol, previously shot at the ARMARIN testing range prooved this is an excellent backup handgun for police officers or even a primary gun for CCW holders and armed, responsible civilians.

It did hiccupp once in the break in period, as predicted by the owners manual, but was completely reliable thereafter. Its high points are its decent feeling DAO trigger, good accuracy, and most beneficial, its extreme lightweight and slim profile which make it very comfortable in carry.

Its sights do indeed suck (low contrast and imprecise) and could use a lot of improvement but of course it will be a rarity for the gun to engage beyond 10 yds. Judging from our sales experience in years past, the P-3AT is a high value .380 option that could possibly save your life.

Important to note: if you're considering a used Kel Tec P-3AT purchase-the Model Nutn is a SECOND Generation P-3AT-the 1st Generation IS different! Many parts are NOT interchangeable!

And important too least for the p32, you should press the mag catch in when you load the mag instead of slamming it in, the mag catch is plastic and the lip gets ground off quickly, then doesnt grab the mag and you have to replace it.

End of the story:

(Used info from Straight Shooter for this text)
Smoke a good cigar while you are shooting and rgds from ARMARIN