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    Kahr CT380 vs. Ruger LC380

    Interested in thoughts on which firearm is more reliable. Never owned a Kahr firearm so don't know much about them. Like the general size/feel to both the CT380 and LC380. The CW380 is smaller than I'm looking for.

    Use would be for target shooting / backup.

    Not interested in other calibers, or why 9mm may be better. Realize it probably is but already own a 9mm pistol so looking to add another caliber to my collection.

    Any input is appreciated.

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    You asked this in the Kahr forum, so I guess your looking for votes towards the's one. Nice thing about the lc380 is Ruger is coming out with a conversion kit to 9mm.

    I have a Kahr p380 and have had zero problems.

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