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Thread: I Sold My P380

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    I Sold My P380

    After months and months of repairs, FTF's, Jams, FTE's, I've sold my P380 to a gun shop. For now the only .380 I carry is my trusted LCP. On other days I carry my PM9. I wish my P380 was reliable as my PM9. I think Kahr would have given me a brand new slide but since I had aftermarket night sights on it they just changed some parts.
    I wanted this P380 to really work but I could not trust it. I guess I just got one of the bad ones.

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    I don't think you "got a bad one" I think you just got impatient with the break-in process. When Kahr says it takes 200 rounds to break in they aren't kidding...they aren't pretending it will be working like a swiss watch at round number 88 with the additional rounds just for good measure. My P380 had function problems from round one up to round 100 when I decided to take the reigns and look at just WHAT was needed to make it work as intended...the problem is the's designed to capture the rim as the round rises into the chamber and thus must work in perfect timing with the magazine feed lip length and feed ramp angle. What I found was that RN bullets tend to be a bit...a BIT too long which causes the nose to hit the highly polished feed ramp while too much of the case is still contained underneath the magazine feed lips.
    The right answer is to shoot HP style ammo and one other thing....look at manually working the pistol about a half-billion times to smooth out the extractor to breech face....

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