? 2nd owner warrranty Kahr K9

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      ? 2nd owner warrranty Kahr K9

      Hi; new to handgunnig; 1st purchase lighty used K9; should I consider sending it to Kahr for a once-over? cost to do so? also wondering if warranty will carry to second owner? Zero Point Arms gun dealer said it would be covered if it failed on me; hope he's right. thanks John

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      Quote Originally Posted by fastlaners View Post
      ; should I consider sending it to Kahr for a once-over? cost to do so?
      found this on their web site

      Service work performed, other than approved Warranty repairs, will carry a minimum charge of $60.00 plus a $25.00 return shipping and handling charge.
      edit: evidently the manual says 5 year warranty for original purchaser

      5 years?!?! That's it!?!?! Do I have to register?

      manual: http://kahr.com/OR-1C.html
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