CW 9 carry options

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      CW 9 carry options

      Can anyone recommend some carry holsters for my CW9? I'd prefer not to carry on my ankle, and need something that I can use for deep concealment. Preferably under a tucked in shirt if that's possible. Thanks!

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      It's not the fastest draw, but for deep cover under a tucked shirt - see this thread I posted.

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      The first holster I bought for my CW9 was an Acecase the J model. It is cheap but it worked pretty dang good and it tucks great. I still have it and use it when I wear jeans and a tee shirt. The t tucks right in and it hides it great. I bought it to see if I liked the tuckable holster. I do i now have a Cross breed suoertuck I use also.

      I thought how good can a 14 buck holster be? This one is great. I did super glue a small piece of leather to the top body side to stop the back of the slide from rubbing my skin.....3 extra bucks.

      Ace has a small slide show on the sight about the tuckable holster. It works real well, it covers deep and it is one I use often.


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