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Thread: Kahr P 40

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    Kahr P 40

    I am thinking of buying a used Kahr P 40. I don't know too much about Kahr. I just like the feel of the gun, seems perfect for concealed carry. Anyone here have this model that can give me some input. Also what would a pre owned like new with night sights Kahr P 40 sell for? Greatful for any info.

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    I carry mine daily all day nearly every day and love how thin and light it is. I highly recommend getting the Hogue handall grip for it, $8 well spent. It points really well for me, so I have no complaints. I keep the 6rd mag in it and have two 7rd spares but only carry them once in a while outside of the range.
    With a quality IWB you almost forget its there.
    I clean it weekly regardless of shooting, though I went a month or so without and it still went bang when I pulled the trigger at the range.
    There's my $0.02, hope it helps.

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    Thanks for the info "BREWDAD"

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