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Thread: 40 S&W Rifle? Really?

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    Nov 2014

    40 S&W Rifle? Really?

    The neighbor showed yesterday evening and presented proudly his new KEL SUB 2000 Rifle that he bought (used) on the Gun Show for $ 199.00 out the door. The Rifle is chambered in 40 S&W.
    Great right?

    Well but - what can a 40 S&W chambered rifle do? I mean can you hunt with it? Yes? Well and if so, what kind of animals would you hunt with a 40 SW round?

    May be I am ignorant at the moment but is here someone that can explain what a 40 SW chambered rifle is for?
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    A pistol caliber carbine is great for 3 gun matches when you want to shoot in a space that doesn't allow shooting steel targets with "real" rifle cartridges. It also lets you practice high volume rifle shooting with a round you can reload easily and cheaply.

    It's for recreation. I have one in 9mm and it's lots of fun as range gun. If I'm going to war, I'm grabbing my AR.

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    They've been around since the mid 1800's in this country. I've owned several and still own a Kel-Tec SUB 2000 in 9mm Glock (that means it utilizes any magazine the Glock 17 will run.

    The SUB 2000 is a folding "carbine" and makes a great emergency gun to have in your vehicle, a briefcase, or a carry pouch that will hold it. They are actually pretty accurate. Basic stuff that just works.

    Ruger used to make a .40S&W rifle which was model PC4. I had one of those and it was very accurate and a great little rifle to own and have at your ready.

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    Ah - recreation on a rifle range. OK that's an answer. So, not for hunting.
    What is the distance that this kind of rifles are good? Any limitations?

    I pay for my 308 ammo // 500 rd 175gr & $ 350.00
    40 S&W should be not more than // 500 rd 165gr & $ 120.00

    You right. Is worth looking into it if there is no distance limitation?

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    I prefer to hunt critters with a handgun. A .40 is legal in this state, so a carbine would work well!


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    The MP5, chambered in 9mm, has been a rather effective weapon used in combat missions. I can only imagine this weapon would be so effective. It is all mission oriented.
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    OP, I would say so that if someone were a big fan of the .40 S&W, and had one as their carry pistol of choice, the carbine would be a natural choice. As for hunting? Why? The 10mm Auto round would be a much better choice in a hunting carbine.

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    Extrapolating from the max muzzle velocities for handgun loads, the .40 S&W ought to be a fairly close equivalent to the .357 magnum in a rifle. For 180 gr, maybe slows down a little quicker due to lower BC & SD. Just how that translates into effectiveness on game, I dunno.

    [The Lee Modern Reloading Manual 2nd Edition lists a Longshot max load for 180gr. XTP that's ~100fps faster than that for the next fastest powder, and that maybe gets to 1500fps out of an 18" barrel. I wonder if the famous Longshot 'BANG' is still present,]

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