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    Man,,I like my Taurus Raging Bull 454!!! (But the hogs dont)

    Man I tell you what,,,This gun is just too sweet! The trigger and the ported barrel are very,very nice.

    Here is the story,,Got up in the stand around 6:00 PM and set there until 7:00,,,that's when the first group of hogs came out from the very back of the field. There must have been ten in the pack. We had the corn spread out in a small field any where from 60-85 yards away from the stand, so I waited on them to get a little closer.
    I picked out the largest sow in the bunch and let that sucker rip! Boom,,,on the ground doing the "Horizontal Dirt Dance". Most of the hogs ran off except one very small one that stood there watching the one on the ground,,,cocked the hammer,,,,BOOM!,,,Missed it.
    Well I thought with such an early shot Ill have a chance at some more later on.

    Sure enough, at about 8:05 three more came out of the same area that the last ten came out at. (This was in the very back of the field) I was ready because I thought that when one of them saw the dead one on the ground they would spook. The lead one did stop and run to the back of the bunch, thats when the second one in the pack hit the ground,,,,BOOM!,,,"Horizinal Dirt Dance" again! (This is the smallest brown one on the tail gate)

    With the third set of hogs coming out about 15min later,,It looked like two or three of them that was around 250lbs each. I couldn't tell because they came out into the field pretty close to me in some tall weeds and small pines. I couldnt get a real good shot other than the tops of there backs,,,,so I let it rip again,,,,BOOM! I saw some jumping around but couldnt tell what was going on,,they were gone. Im sure I hit it but didnt know how low the shot was.

    Well when my hunting buddy showed up, I told hem what had happened. The first two I shot were laying in the field,,but the last one ran off in the bushes. He didn't go but about 20 feet out of the field,,,,and was no where around 250lbs,,,,Ha-Ha-Ha,,,more like 40lbs. Man,,,those scopes will fool'ya.

    My buddy had plenty of hogs come into his stand,,,and did get a shot with the bow,,but we couldn't find a blood trail.

    I had a great time last night!!! Back at it next Thursday afternoon!!!!!

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    Kind of looks like you made a "pig" of yourself..........

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    Ha-Ha-Ha,,,,I try to get as many as I can!

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