THIS is hunting..........Original Old School

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      THIS is hunting..........Original Old School

      7:12 but well worth it, IMO. I really like how he pays tribute to the animal in the end.

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      Old school my butt, HE'S WEARING SNEAKERS!

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      Thats the way us old s from the deserts of the world do it. We run our prey for 4 hours through the mid day sun then pour 1/2 of our water over our head but save the other 1/2 so we can run 4 more hours. Some of the crazy city folk that visit us say we should drink more of it instead but then we would have to stop and pee all the time. We also always round out the edges of our spear points so we wont cut ourselves just like those boys. They are quite inovative with that reverse middle finger salute I bet them hollywood boys never did catch on.

      The animals used to get away but lately some hollywood types come along and tranquilize them for us so they can make pictures.

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