I did the 10-hour online course for my hunter's ed, but had to go home to take the final exam and shooting portion. It was unbelievably cold and windy, so I was pretty miserable the whole time, but I had fun. I got to do the 12-gauge demonstration on a cabbage from seven yards with an H&R wooden stocked pump. Turned it into cole slaw. Then, for the 50-foot .22LR groupings, I used a 60-year old .22 that was modeled after an M1. It was heavy and had a strange action...basically it had a cutout in the bottom of the stock and you push a bolt back, similar to a pump action, but it was up in the foreend. There was no muzzle blast or recoil...felt like a suppressed rifle. It had one of those peep hole aperture rear sights that I didn't like, but I got a 1-inch group on my second round of 5 shots. The rest taking the class used Romanian Mausers, and a 10-year old used a Cricket. Then we got to shoot clay pigeons with the 12-gauge, and somehow I hit 5 out of 5. I haven't shot clay pigeons in about 10 years, and back then I couldn't hit squat with a 20-gauge, and managed a single pigeon with a .410.

So May 2nd, Dad and I are going turkey hunting. I'll have my Benelli by then, and he'll probably trade the 870 in on a 16-gauge he really wants.