.460 S&W a good choice?

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      .460 S&W a good choice?

      Hello all. I am looking at getting the .460 S&W because of its ability to also shoot the .45 long colt, and the .454 casual. I want to be able to hunt antelope, deer, elk, and bear with these rounds. Is this a practical choice of a revolver to do all these things with these three different calibers, and what is the effective range of each of these rounds. I know the accuracy depends on my part, but what is the range I can expect to be effective with these rounds given the accuracy is dead on, and without the bullet having to drop more than twelve inches into the target (elevation)? Is 150 yards out of the question?

      This will be my first time hunting big game of any sort with a revolver as I normally use a bow. I now am more interested in putting food in the freezer rather than going strictly for the hunt. However, rifles were too easy last year, so I thought I'd try revolvers. I just want to get the right weapon and caliber for the intended game.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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      .460 SW is a great caliber for hunting all of those species, but I think your ranges expectations of 150 yds are a bit high. I cannot get more than 100 yds accuratly with a long barreled scoped .460. I would sight in at 50yds and know where the bullet will be at 100 yds

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      .460 Smith & Wesson

      Raptor, for coyote and javalina I use a 629 Smith with
      6 1/2" barrel or a Python with a 6' barrel. I shot a
      buffalo with a 500 magnun Smith with 8 3/8' barrel.
      The 500 mag dropped it with a behind the ear shot.
      You should be in real good shape for the animals that
      you mentioned.

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      If I had to buy another pistol for hunting, It would be the 460!

      (I have the Taurus Raging Bull 454)

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