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    Talking Funny story ...

    30~30's can be pretty loud sometimes, especially indoors...

    We hunted with a gang in North Bama, and one of the guys had a pretty serious medical condition that precluded him from walking for any extended period. But he couldn't keep himself away from the deer camp, so he would come out and cook for the guys.
    He always brought his rifle with him though. His trusty looking old Winchester Model '94 30-30. One day, after a morning in the shooting shacks we came back to discover BIG mess. The camp was all torn up with blood everywhere and a 1/2 dressed deer hung up in a tree.

    The Larry the cook was taking a break and on the verge of a heart attack.

    As I got closer to him, he says to me in a rather loud tone .... "I NEED A BIGGER GUN !!!"

    I looked at the deer and told him I figured the 30-30 seemed to have done a pretty nice job. Well he then proceeded to tell his story. I should mention his entire story is told at about 100 decibels, so my old friend was talking very loud ...
    He said, that he walked to the bathroom take care of " some morning paperwork ". This was an old wooden outhouse, the real deal. one with with a cresent moon cut in the door and all, this joker was old school.
    Anyway, As he sat down, he propped the door open with his rifle. Soooo, he's taking care of business, when he looks up to see a nice big BUCK standing there right outside of the camp.
    So he grabs his rifle, whips it up to his shoulder, carefully takes aim and begins to squeeze off a shot. And just then, the outhouse door swings shut like springloaded screen door *SLAM* !!! The rifle fires * BOOM* !!!

    He goes on to explain that " If I had a bigger gun then it would have maybe extended out past the door, and I wouldn't have fired off my rifle inside a closed shithouse."

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    Excellent. Maybe I should reconsider my Steyr Scout and get a 24" Weatherby!
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    Or next time shoot through thru the moon. This is just way too funny but he has a story to tell while gathered around the wood stove at the country store I love it.

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