The best year of hunting I never had

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      The best year of hunting I never had

      Well for one reason or another I didn’t get to go hunting myself this year but I went on two hunts, one antelope and one deer just 2 weeks ago. The antelope was by far one of the best shots I have ever seen. We had been hunting all morning chasing this antelope in the mountains near Socorro New Mexico. We kept getting glimpses of him but me and the guys dad that we were hunting with insisted that we get in closer even though Brian, an 18 year old former student of mine, had insisted he could make the shot. Well the day was wearing on and Brian finally just said we was going to take the shot at the time I was guessing we were about 450 yards out. Brian took the shot telling us he was going for a shoulder shot and the animal dropped even through my binoculars I couldn’t see where he hit it but the way the thing dropped I figured it had to have been a head shot. Brian’s Dad, Robin stayed there where Brian took the shot so we could get an accurate yardage with the range finder. He made the shot at 500 yards with a 300 Wetherby Mag and hit the animal strait through the back right above the shoulders. Brian had just turned 18 the day before. The deer hunt was with a Navajo friend of mine up on the reservation just east of Farmington New Mexico he got it with a Model 94 Winchester lever action 30-30 at literally about 20 feet; 8 pointer walked right out in front of us. We startled it and it returned the favor, it jumped about 6 feet strait up in the air, as did I however, Fred (yes he is 100% Navajo and he is named Fred, go figure) Was as cool as anyone I had ever seen drew up and shot it in the back of the head just as it hit the ground. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I weren’t standing right behind him. It was kind of cool to see a real native kill a deer with a model 94. So this was by far the best year of hunting I never had; just thought I would share.

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      For all the talk of beanfield rifles and magnums and short magnums and variable scopes and all that, in the end it still boils down to the skilled man who knows his rifle.

      This is truly a case of, "It's not the arrow, it's the Indian."
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      Man what a time you been having. Enjoy them to the max youngman. Good luck.

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