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Thread: 40 S&W in 10mm

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    40 S&W in 10mm

    Since the 40 S&W is a shortened 10mm cartridge, is it possible to use them in a 10mm handgun? Wouldn't the distance from the end of cartridge to the rifling be shorter than that of a revolver?

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    I've never heard of it being done. I would guess that if you could get an appropriate magazine and you swapped out the recoil spring for something softer you could use a .40.

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    In a semiauto pistol:
    While it's theoretically possible to get a .40 to fire in a 10 mm, it is not advisable. Since both are supposed to headspace on the case head, the .40, being shorter, will be held in place by the extractor. Never a recipe for reliable function.
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    I have shot 40 S&W ammo in my Glock 20SF twice, once on purpose and once by acident. The 40 S&W ammo worked in the 10mm mag and fired just fine both times. Since they were my reloads they felt a little less powerful than the 10mm reloads but not bad and were accurate.
    I would not suggest for everyday use.

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