Ammunition Dirty/Smokey to Shoot and Use?

    Poll: Multiple Choice: Which Ammo is Dirty/Smokey when shooting/using?

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      Ammunition Dirty/Smokey to Shoot and Use?

      I have experience with enough brands of ammunition to see which brands shoot cleaner and dirtier. But, I thought it would be good to see what everyone else's experience would reveal.

      I shoot 9mm and 380's and don't shoot .40, .45 or other calibers, so I don't know if clean/dirty rating crosses calibers or might depend on what caliber/model of ammo from a particular brand.

      The Poll doesn't allow you to give star ratings so unless I do a separate poll for each ammo brand, I can't really rate them except YES/NO.

      I have listed as many brands of NEW ammunition only. You may vote for any number of brands that you think is Dirty. By Dirty I mean two things: residue left in the gun and smoke/debris when firing.

      Thanks for supporting polling.

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      The only ammo of those I have used that I would say is dirty is Blazer aluminum w/FP lead bullets. This was shooting it with a revolver which leaves more residue anyway because of the cylinder gap, but my hands were black when I finished the box. This doesn't happen with WWB or Remington UMC, or even my reloads using Bullseye. I suspect it is due to the lead bullets more than the powder or type of case.
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      It just seems that any steel ammo, or REALLY cheap ammo is dirtier.........I tend to pay a few bucks, and stay away from it.....

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      my experience also.I like the nickel plated casings for mine.hornady and silver bear are nickel plated.

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      I believe this to be an irrelevant question, because when you're finished shooting, you need to clean the gun(s) anyway.

      In practice, I shoot my own lead-bullet reloads that use WW231. They're a little dirty. But it doesn't matter, because that dirt has no effect upon the guns I use.

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      Dirtyt bullets are not my favorite, the thing I am not a fan of is smokey rounds. I do shoot some competitive shooting and in the afternoon facing west and shooting 4 strings of 2, smoke and the sun coming over the berm can be a distraction I don't like. As far as the gun goes, I agree withthe previous poster, I too clean mine after each use. I like cleaning my guns and it doesn't take much time at all.

      I know what I like and I load to that spec. I am happy and when I shoot happy is a good thing.


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      OK, so based upon the poll, I should stay away from Tula and Wolf. Got it.

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