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    Need opinions

    HK USP 45 vrs Springfield Mil-Spec..........

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    Have U felt both? The HK will be much fatter.

    If the HK fits your hand well, I'd pick that over the Milspec. But, be aware that if U are looking at new prices, U could compare a Springfield loaded to the USP 45, as the HK is more than the milspec.

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    The key word is if and Ship is right. The HK is to large for me and the Mil-Spec fits like a glove. There's $175 to $200 difference between them guns around here anyway. Good luck.

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    Wink They are miles apart

    Any 1911 is miles apart from the design of the HK. not putting the 1911s down since I own three. But if it's a real defence handgun your planing on in a tough go. IMHO it's going to be the HK.

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