What's a good price for this?

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      What's a good price for this?

      I've been trying to sell my gun for nearly a month, but I've not received any offers. I was asking $900, but now I'm thinking maybe that's too much? I dunno. I'd really appreciate your opinions. Thanks

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      Yes, that's a bit high for a USP45, considering that they can be bought new for about $800. $600 to $650 would be more like it, and a bit strong at that.

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      I would ask 7 1/2 and take the first 7 that came along. If you need the money take a bit less. Dont forget to add $100 if it has tritium sights.

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      Often, a thread asking about gun prices can be construed as being an ad itself; an ad in a discussion forum, outside of The Marketplace, where all ads belong. To prevent this type of misunderstanding, I'm going to close this thread now.

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