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    Which round for the HK45c?

    I just took the plunge and purchased the HK45c, now the 72 hour wait begins. During this period I have to think about which round I'm going to purchase. Can anyone recommend a brand for this gun?

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    I like WWB 230 grain FMJs for practice (if you can find them.) And 230 Grain Gold Dots or XTPs for defence.

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    For practice/range use, look at these brands: Fiocchi, Remington, Winchester, CCI Blazer/Blazer Brass, Sellier&Bellot, UMC, PMC, Federal.

    For defense loads, look at: Winchester, Federal, Hornady, Cor-bon, Buffalo Bore, Gold Dot, Remington, Fiocchi. Blazer and Blazer Brass is also available with HP's in some loads too.

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    My congrats on your purchase of HK45c! My wife & I greatly enjoy shooting the HK45c that we also have. I telephoned Federal on what ammo they make that would expand coming out of a 3.8 inch barrel. Federal got back to me thru an E-Mail and stated that their 230+p HST would expand 100 percent of the time! The other ammo that would be good for your handgun would be Corbon's 185+p DPX! This baby expands to aprox. .80 after going thru 4 layers of denim and yet penetrates 12 to 13 inches. The DPX is not cheap but for home defense I always say --How much is your life worth?

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    I will be picking mine up saturday

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