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  • HK USP (full size)

    62 25.10%
  • HK USP Compact

    94 38.06%
  • P2000

    33 13.36%
  • P2000 SK

    21 8.50%
  • Mark 23

    14 5.67%
  • Elite/Tactical

    23 9.31%
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Thread: Fav HK handgun?

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    P2000 full size was the best feeling handgun and I could hit a side of a barn with it so I knew it was goo. I likes were the decocker was and liked it in 9mm. Not one mishap with over 10k of reloads. I'm getting rid of all my nine except for my Glock 19. I have 6 33 round mags+6-17rd and 2-15rd.

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    Favorite HK?????

    My best shooter that sits by my bed is a Mark 23 with a Wilcox LAM. My favorite is hard to determine between the following:

    HK P30
    HK P9S 45 ACP
    HK P9S 9MM
    HK P9S G3 Sports Group 9MM
    HK Elite 9MM
    HK Expert 9MM
    HK Tactical 45
    HK 45C
    HK P7M10 Blued

    Crap who knows..... wish I never shot a HK, would have a lot more $$$$.

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    I have both a USPc 9mm and a USPc .45 and love them both. I voted compact. Now I want a full size USP in 9mm....

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    Its not on the list. Although its my favorite, and the only and only i have.H&K P30...

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    Mark 23, has to be the most accurate .45ACP I have ever shot, almost no recoil

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    H&k p7m13.

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    Since I only have one hk, I gotta go full size USP .40. Out of all the guns I have, my USP .40 is the nightstand gun for me. To me, HK pistols are the very best. I really can't fathom why anyone would want any gun with a beavertail safety, especially after shooting an HK and inspecting HK's build quality. HK makes fine art as far as I'm concerned. So many current pistols seem like cheesy copys of hk, engineered goofy (beavertail safety) and more poorly made to meet a price point.

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    I have many many handguns. 23 1911's, 5 Glock's, down to only 6 SIGS, 5 Beretta's, 4 Highpowers, 2 S&W M&Ps etc.... and I can't count my revolvers.

    As to HK's I have 9. I have 6 different models, it is a shame that only two of the models were available for selection on your poll.

    3 P30 LEM
    1 P30L (soon to be LEM)
    2 HK 45 LEM
    1 HK 45c LEM
    1 p2000sk LEM
    1 USP 45c LEM

    The P30/P30L is the first pistol that can fit me better han a 1911. Yup it's that good. Stone reliable.

    The fit of a handgun to me is the second most important requirement for that weapon. Of course reliability is the first.

    Go figure.


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