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    45acp load data?

    After much searching, I could not find load data for the components I have. I am trying to load 45acp with W231 powder, along with a Zero 185gr SWCHP bullet. I don't like to guess at loads, but the closest I could find to similar bullets/powder was anywhere from 4.6 to 6.5gr. This is not making me feel comfortable, especially this will be the first time loading 45acp. I am looking for lower range data for easy recoil on my PT1911.
    Thanks for your help, I will really appreciate it.

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    Click HERE Click the cartridge loads then put in the caliber you wish.

    It's Winchesters load data hosted on Hodgdon's site. They are supplying Winchester with their powder now.

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    I have previously used, and still use, six grains of WW231 behind both 200-grain SWC and 230-grain RN lead bullets. (It works with FMJ-RN and HP bullets, too.)
    This load used to easily pass the IPSC major-caliber pendulum test, and was perfectly safe, with either lighter or heavier bullet.
    Maybe cut back to five grains of powder with your much-lighter bullet, and then work upwards looking for both pressure signs (probably none) and the onset of inaccuracy.

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