Scope suggestions please!!

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      Scope suggestions please!!

      Hi all,
      I have a Taurus Raging Bull, .454 Casuul with a 6 3/4" barrel. I want to scope it this year for whitetail deer hunting. I purchased the factory mount that mounts directly to the vent ribs. What I am wondering is what scope would you guys recommend that will take the pounding this beast dishes out.
      I wouldn't mind some magnification as these old eyes could use any help they can get. Would even consider a variable power.
      Anyone that has mounted a scope on their R.B. and have had it on there for a while with no ill effects would be great to hear from.

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      Leupold 2x. It does a great job of handling the abuse my SRH 454 Casull dishes out and keeps running great!!

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      Ive got a new Nikon for sale MoMan........

      Its the Nikon Force XR 2.5-8x28mm EER Matte BDC

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      Ive used a stainless Burris 2-7x variable on my Super Redhawk 44mag for about 25 years. Ive run thousands of rounds of hot hand loads and killed 27 bull elk with it and never an issue of resighting it in. It is covered with snow and ice every season while I hike around the mountains of montana and has never had a moisture issue inside. It I would assume it could handle a .454 as well. Had a Leopold 2x the first year but the 2-7x variable is much better when shooting longer distances, expecially for target practice.

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