I had a choice Handgun or Rifle. This is about neither.

Did you all hear about the teenager that took down a 11 point buck that weighed over 300 lbs with a bow? Might be the biggest yet in North America. I don't think I could have killed it. I figure it made it this long I would have let it go but I don't blame the kid at all. I wonder if the meat is going to be that good?

I remember years ago when I lived on lake Tyler these people caught a 220 lb catfish. They were pretty drunk and had their pictures taken with it. I went back to see it and it was still alife after 30 mins. I pushed it back in the water and ran back to my dock. No one saw me and it kinda became a ledgin. They got their picture in a local paper and it stated that the cat fish got away by walking over 10 feet. (They said walking) It was more than 6 feet from the water when I set it free. I think that's why I like the movie free Willy. I did not like these people anyways, they did not feed their dogs so I had to so it was my pleasure.