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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffWard View Post
    I though you complained about guns with large grips...

    HAHA... I guess having a mini rifle-round in the grip makes up for it?

    It is a large griip - but it isn't wide - it's just long. And, it's curved on the edges and has a thumb indentation. Its big - but its a lot better than the fullsize 45 ACP HK USP - THAT is a huge block. The Five Seven isn't too bad.

    I actually got it as a night stand gun - Now that I have a son, I don't want a nightstand gun that will shoot thru multiple interior walls.

    The 5-7 ammo fragments well on hard targets. And, the 197 V Max round especially does that.

    I can't tell U exactly if 1 or 2 walls will stop the round. But it will penetrate walls far less than a 9mm, 40 cal or 45 ACP.

    And yea, I like having 20 rounds. I do have a 30 round mag for it too.

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    freakin sweet :O :O

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    nice piece!

    I'm sure Snake Eyes from GI Joe The Rise of Cobra would applaud you.

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