Hello to the Forum.........I am not good at forums and may not do things right so if you don't hear from me send me an email directly to dalofa@netins.net........Anyway this is first forum for me, I am an engraver from Iowa and all my life interested in handguns and have collected them since 15 years old. Could go on and on, like Elmer Keith was of course a boyhood hero and got to meet him several times. I own the 4" .44 S&W he was carrying in 1973 when I first got out to Idaho to see him. Have several other handguns of good background in the collection. But have to get to the main reason I joined this forum. I read an article in 1961 Guns and Ammo magazine about the pistols designed and made by George A. Wilson and though I tried for years to locate them just to see them I have never found any real information on the three .45 pistols that Mr. Wilson made. Anyway in about 1960 give or take a couple of years Mr. Wilson designed one and then an improved matched pair of .45 target pistols of extreme quality and design. Most striking thing if you have never seen a picture of them is the slide did not come back over the web of the hand in firing, only a small thin dust cover came back over the hand. The brass was extracted straight up and the dust cover could be removed and thus nothing came back over the hand in firing. The hand thus was quite high. Well I could go further but does anyone know the where abouts of number 2 and number 3, especially. I am not trying to buy them away from the fortunate collector that owns them. I would like to know if I could see them some day with proper introduction and really I am just amazed at the design and quality and would love to see those Wilson .45 pistols in this lifetime. Thanks for any info at all. Dan Love