Howdy from Maryland
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    Howdy from Maryland

    Hi all name is Leo new to the site.
    I am new to the shooting world. I have decided to arm
    myself after what happened to that Dr.'s family about
    a month ago--terrible tragedy.
    I first bought a Pardner Pump 12 ga short barrel
    shotgun, then I bought a Remington 597 22 rifle so I would
    have something to shoot targets with when I went to the
    range. I have a 16 year old daughter who managed to
    handle the shotgun ok, but I wanted to get something
    for her to be more comfortable with so today I purchased
    a Walther P22. I have to wait a week before I can pick it up.
    I've found out that I love shooting at the range I go to
    near Vienna Maryland and instead of just arming myself for
    home protection I have also found a fantastic new hobby.
    Shooting targets at the range, and being in the company
    of like-minded people has made me feel more "alive"
    than I have felt in a long time.

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    Welcome aboard from the sandpile.
    Yeah, it sounds like you've been bitten by the "bug". Don't fight it, jump right in and enjoy your new hobby. Take the whole family and enroll in the N.R.A. safety course. There's even a course for very young children. I'm sure the local range can help out. It's what shooters do for each other.

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    Hey Leo,

    I used to live in Maryland, in Severn actually, so not too far from you. I didn't hear the story, but I have decided that when I move back to the area, I will NOT be going back to MD. I will be living in Virginia instead.

    I just don't understand how the legislature in some of these areas can remain convinced that an unarmed society is somehow safer. Every statistic I have seen is counter to that idea.

    Although Maryland is technically a May Issue state, unless you've already survived a physical assault, you'll never get a license to carry.

    Well, anyway, there's an indoor gun range on Route 175, right outside the Fort Meade gate. I forget the name of it but it's in the shopping center where the Provinces AAC Library is.

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    Welcome from down in the swamp.

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    Welcome from Texas! I lived in Silver Spring, 1984/1985. Travelled around the state installing cash registers in Roy Roger's .
    Beautiful state, but you need some more friendly gun laws.
    Enjoy the site.

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    Welcome from sunny Afghanistan!
    Employed by Galco Gunleather - / Veteran OEF VIII

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    All opinions, particularly those involving politics and Glocks, are mine and not Galco's.

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