South African shooter here.
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    South African shooter here.

    Greetings and salutations everyone.

    How is this forum? It looks interesting. I stumbled across it looking for a specific gun for my GF, and you guys had one on the Pink 1911 page.

    She doesn't want one as bubblegum pink as that, she wants a pink ladylike frame with black slide and black controlls. I'm happy for her to get it. It'll mean she keeps her paws off my Glock

    Actually I have no problem with her shooting my Glock or my 1911, but I'd like her to have one of her own.

    I own and shoot a 1911A1c, a Glock 26 (carry gun), a Rem 870 in 12guage, a Rossi Puma in .357Mag, two Uberti Cattlemans in .357Mag (CAS pistols. Not as "cool as a .45Colt, but all I could find on a budget ) an 1851 Navy C&B in .36 and one in .44 (my original CAS pistols), I also have a Colt .22, the model they used to call the "Cadet".

    Unfortunately due to the laws in South Africa we are restricted tot he number of weapons a person can own. A "normal" citizen can own 4 of various types. To own more you must be a recognized and acredited sportsman, hunter or collector. And you need a license for each firearm, which has been motivated for a specific use. And you can't carry a "sporting" firearm for SD, unless you are on the way to or from a range, or inside your own property

    So my GF shoots my 9x19mm Glock and my .45ACP 1911 better than I do, and she enjoys shooting so much she wants her own gun, and I see no reason not to "dress" it up. I dress my 1911 up for looks, as it is a sporting gun, not a self defenmce gun.

    Anough crap from me though, I'll see you in the forums.


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    Welcome! Glad you're here.
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    Welcome aboard from Texas! Enjoy the site, Kayback.

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    hello from Belgium, en ik hoop je hier op het forum weer tegen te komen .


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    Welcome from a mountian top in North Carolina.

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