Want2wheel new here.
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    Want2wheel new here.

    I am Rob known as want2wheel because I am into rock crawling, and 4 wheeling. I am married and have 2 girls that like to go wheeling with me. I enjoy singing in the chior at church, and teaching 10th grade S.S. I have been collecting guns since my wife and I found out that we were having another baby girl (now my 2yr old). I have never asked if I could buy another one yet. I also want to thank ALL of the troops that have foughtand fallen for my Freedom. Thank You.
    This is my oldest and I in my truck.

    It has changed alot since that shot. It is a work in progress. Rob

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    Welcome from the mountian top in North Carolina.

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    Welcome from The Rockpile! Cute kid!
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    Welcome from Texas! Enjoy the site.

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