"Whatsagoin'on!!!" from Lexington

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      "Whatsagoin'on!!!" from Lexington

      Hey guys, new to the board. Just starting to get into handguns, mostly for a hobby but also self-defense. Never know when someone might get too close for comfort and try something. Anyway, been shooting a few recently...Glock 19 and 22, Colt 1911, several S&W compacts, and some others...but what I'd really like to get my hands on is a Walther P99 compact in the .40S&W with the anti-stress trigger. Haven't found them anywhere except with the QA release. I want the new ones that are out, I think they're redesigned for 2007. If anyone could point me in the direction to finding one, that would be lovely. Thanks!

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      Wecome aboard from the sandpile. Lots of great info here. As far as finding a P 99, try the Walther sub-forum. Those guys would be happy to take you under their wing. Good luck. Happy shooting.

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      Welcome..............and Howdy from Texas..........

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